We are now a trusted Zip Chem distribution partner


Aero Defence is extending its commitment to Australian aviation and defence businesses, partnering with US-based brand Zip-Chem and allowing easy access to essential aviation chemicals.

With many Australian businesses already utilising Zip-Chem, the partnership saves the need for other businesses to store extensive chemicals onsite, and deal with the issues of overseas orders, making Zip-Chem more accessible to everyone in the industry through Aero Defence.

The Gold Coast-based 1500 square metre warehouse will stock all Zip-Chem products, including Cor-Ban, Sur-Prep, Calla, Aero-Lube and Accu-Cool ranges and will also be a local partner for the Andpak waste stream management program.

Aero Defence Managing Director Trenten Ralph said the partnership was an obvious decision noting values towards customer experience, aligning perfectly to provide superior service and communication while expanding their service offerings.

“As an authorised distributor of all Zip-Chem products, we will be able to provide our customers with peace of mind, supplying on-demand aviation chemicals with the same superior service,” Mr Ralph said.

“The aviation industry is facing increasing wait times on importing international products. This new partnership provides Zip-Chem, with a local presence in Australia and improves support for customers looking to purchase Zip-Chem products.”   

Zip-Chem is a US-based manufacturer of industry-leading aerospace-approved aviation chemicals, focusing on supply through innovative product delivery systems. Zip-Chem manufactures aircraft cleaners and lubricants, surface preparation and maintenance chemicals.

The Zip-Chem team say they are confident their Australian customers will have streamlined access to Zip-Chem products supported by exceptional customer service through their new partnership with Aero Defence.

“Aero Defence aligns with Zip-Chem in our values toward customer experience. Zip-Chem fully believes that Aero Defence provides excellent support to their customers with superior service and communication. We feel confident that Aero Defence will maintain Zip-Chem’s value toward customer experience,” said Arthur Cartier, Zip Chem Global Brand Manager.

With Zip-Chem products distributed directly from Aero Defence’s Gold Coast-based warehouse, customers can expect to receive products within 24 to 48 hours. 

The customers of Aero Defence remain the main priority as the team strives to provide the same excellent small-team customer service while expanding its service offerings.

Purchase Zip-Chem products and browse other products on hand for delivery now here.